Never give up ||(English)

Today I decided to tell you about Jack Ma, who is the founder of Alibaba. It is quite interesting and that’s why I chose his story․ So let’s began.

As i said Jack Ma founded Alibaba, which is now a multinational conglomerate based in China. Presently, he’s a billionaire with a net worth that has surpassed the 45 billion-dollar mark and he is known as China’s richest person․ But his success story didn’t start quickly.

He was a child who had to redo his middle school entrance exam twice and the same thing happened when he wanted to gain admission into college. Ma submitted about 30 job applications but got rejected each time. So when he was finally able to get a win—an interview at Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC)—he was the only one out of the applicants who were rejected.

Ma’s story of difficulty continued after he started Alibaba. The company didn’t become profitable until after a period of three years. t got to a time when the company was nearing bankruptcy. This didn’t discourage Jack. His tenacity later yielded the great results that we know of today.

Homework (English) 23.11.2022


  1. I must revise tonight. I have an exam tomorrow.
  2. Our history teacher was terrible. We didn’t learn anything.
  3. If you don’t do your homework, you can’t watch TV later.
  4. The teacher was angry because some of the pupils had tried to cheat in the exam.
  5. If you want to be a doctor, you have to take a lot of exams.
  6. In the UK children start school when they are four and can’t leave before they are 16.
  7. I hope i’m going to pass my exams. My parents will be furious if I fail.
  8. He was a rebel at school. He used to behave very badly.
  1. State school
  2. Private school
  3. Nursery school
  4. Primary school
  5. Secondary school
  6. Boarding school
  7. Religious school
  8. Head teacher
  9. Professor
  10. Student
  11. Pupil
  12. Graduate
  1. B
  2. A
  3. E
  4. C
  5. D

Homework (English) 21.11.2022

Writing. The best day of my life.

I don’t have the best day of my life, because i think that every day is special․ I love days spent with my friends and family, because in that days I always have some interesting memories. I especially like to take pictures of it all to look at later and remember all that. Memories it’s a something wonderfull think for me. I like to remember lots of stories that have happened to me․ Even the memories when we go to the playground, I remember with a smile․ So I can’t choose at least one day that I consider the best day of my life. I remember those days with a smile when we go to the Arates or Gyumri or how were we going abroad, for example Egypt and Dubai, funny strories of my life, how all my birthdays were celebrated and full of stories like this. Even I remember fale storis of my life, for example I remember that one day in Egypt we go to the bazar and see a camel. I was offered a seat․ I took a picture sitting on a camel and when I wanted to go, they told us if we don’t pay 10$ I will not be dismounted from the camel․ And I have many such interesting and funny stories like that․

Homework (English) 15.11.2022

NEF Grammar slide 136 3 C a,b

1)I wasn’t able to send any emails since lunchtime.

2)She used to be able to speak German really well.

3)I wasn’t do my homework until tomorrow.

4)I’d really like be able to dance well.

5)Will you be able to come ro our wedding?

It’s on May 10th.

6)If i spoke better English, I will be able to gey o ajob in a hotel.

7)When I’ve saved another 1000$, I was able tou buy a new car.

8)She hates be able to do what she wants.

1)I can’t talk to you now. I’m too busy.

2)When I lived in Rome I could speak Italian quite well.

3)I would love

4)If we don’t hurry up, we can’t catch the last train.

5)My mother can see much better now with het new glasses.

6)To do this job you need could speak at leats two languages.

7)I can help you tonight if you want.

8)They couldn’t find a flat yer. They’re still looking.

Homework (English) 31.10.2022

  1. He’s not as clever as he thinks he is.
  2. It’s the best book i’ve read for a long time.
  3. The journey took longer than we expected.
  4. I think it was the saddest film I’ve ever seen.
  5. Is Texas the biggest state in the USA.
  6. He’s the most selfish person I’ve ever met.
  7. Your watch is the same as mine.
  8. My father speaks more quickly than I do.
  9. We don’t go swimming as often as we did before.
  10. Her brother’s about 10 and she’s a year younger than him.
  1. It’s hotter than it was this time last year.
  2. Jan’s the most competitive of all my sisters.
  3. He’s the laziest person in the office.
  4. He looks much better with shorter hair.
  5. I sat next to the most boring person at the party!
  6. Could we meet a bit earlier tomorrow?
  7. It was the worst film I’ve seen this year.
  8. Sue is the most ambitious member of my family.
  9. The safest way to travel is by train.
  10. The beach was further from the hotel than we expected.

Homework (English) 13.10.2022

Writing. Choose one topic and write an essay
Money makes the world go round.
All I want is enough money to enjoy life
Can money buy happiness or not?
Opinion on the importance of money
Money as a form of motivation
Why money is important

I think that money is important in our life. But not everything you can buy with money, for example happines, peace, tranquility, etc․ With money, you can buy things you need in life, for example food, shirts, technique, shoes, etc. Also buying something or giving yourself a surprise your be happy. But that surprise or something else you can only buy by using money. With money you can go on a trip. That is, when you go on a trip, you get pleasure, but you buy those tickets with money. So you can’t buy or do many actions without money

Homework (English) 09.10.2022

NEF Student’s Book Reading My life without money slide 23/ read the text, write down all the unknown words and be ready to retell the text.
NEF Student’s book Vocabulary Money slide 148 ex-es 1,2,3

1)My uncle died and left me €2000. I inherited €2000 from my uncle.

2)I put some money aside every week for my next holiday. I save money every week.

3)I asked my brother to give me €10 until next week. I borrowed €10 from him.

4)My brother gave me €10 until next week. He lent me €10.

5)I often spend money on stupid things. I often wasted my money.

6)i don`t have enough money to buy that car. I can’t afford to buy that car.

7)I had to pay mechanic €100 to repair my car. The mechanic charged me €100.

8)I went to the cash machine and got €200. I took out €200 from the cash machine.

9)I bought a book. It was $25. The book was worth $25.

10)Jim gave me €100. I haven`t paid it back yet. I owend Jim €100.

11)I bought some sales in British telecom. I invest some money.

12)I work in a supermarket. They pay me €2000 a month. I earn €2000 a month.

1)paid for the dinner last night

2)When can you pay me back the money i lent you?

3)Would you like yo pay in cash or in credit card.

4)I spent €50 on books yesterday.

5)I don`t like lending money to friends.

6)I borroweda lot of monet from the bank.

7)They charged us €60 for a bottle of wine.




4) Tax



7)Cash machine

Homework (English) 05.10.2022

Writing An email to my friend/ write a letter to your friend according to the model on slide 18 in NEF Student’s book, make sure you follow the rule of letter writing.

Hi Stephanie,

Thanks for your email

Today i will tell you about my friend Qetrin.

She`s 14 and we study in the same school school and class. She is a shy introvert, but with her friends she is a little talkative. I like her laugh, becase it looks funny. She like`s draw somethink in her tablet, for example` clothing designs, different characters and other things and i like her pictures․ She very like her hobby and I have never seen her without drawing somethink. She have as they say golden hands, she do some keychain, figures. I remembre that in one day she give us cat keychains. She is like read books. She is very responsible and she always ready for the lessons.

Love, Maria