Homework (English) 09.10.2022

NEF Student’s Book Reading My life without money slide 23/ read the text, write down all the unknown words and be ready to retell the text.
NEF Student’s book Vocabulary Money slide 148 ex-es 1,2,3

1)My uncle died and left me €2000. I inherited €2000 from my uncle.

2)I put some money aside every week for my next holiday. I save money every week.

3)I asked my brother to give me €10 until next week. I borrowed €10 from him.

4)My brother gave me €10 until next week. He lent me €10.

5)I often spend money on stupid things. I often wasted my money.

6)i don`t have enough money to buy that car. I can’t afford to buy that car.

7)I had to pay mechanic €100 to repair my car. The mechanic charged me €100.

8)I went to the cash machine and got €200. I took out €200 from the cash machine.

9)I bought a book. It was $25. The book was worth $25.

10)Jim gave me €100. I haven`t paid it back yet. I owend Jim €100.

11)I bought some sales in British telecom. I invest some money.

12)I work in a supermarket. They pay me €2000 a month. I earn €2000 a month.

1)paid for the dinner last night

2)When can you pay me back the money i lent you?

3)Would you like yo pay in cash or in credit card.

4)I spent €50 on books yesterday.

5)I don`t like lending money to friends.

6)I borroweda lot of monet from the bank.

7)They charged us €60 for a bottle of wine.




4) Tax



7)Cash machine