They play hockey at school. (to play)

She does not write e-mails. (not/to write)

Do you speak English? (to speak)

My parents do not like fish. (not/to like

      Does Anne have any hobbies? (to have)

Andy’s brother works in an office. (to work)

Leroy cannot resd very fast. (can/not/to read)

Do Jim and Joe water the flowers every week? (to water)

Yvonne’s mother does not ride a motorbike. (not/to ride)

Does Elisabeth drink cola? (to drink)






Anne does not answer my questions.

Do they sell tomatoes in this shop?

This girl does not wear trousers at school.

Does Mr Barker teach physics?

The guinea pigs do not hide under the desk.

Does Ken often miss the school bus?

 He does not hang posters on the wall anymore.

Do you pay for the tickets?

The boys do not throw stones.

Do the bells of your church still ring?




School starts at 8 o’clock on Mondays.

Sometimes they go shopping with their aunt.

My father gets up at 4 o’clock every morning.

 His sister has guitar lessons after school.

Usually I play handball.

His brother always washes his car on Saturdays.

The supermarket closes at 10 pm every Saturday.

We listen to music regularly.

I fly to Austria every winter.

The train to London leaves every two hours.




  1. You are not linkingthe words correctly.
  2. We are not passingthe checkpoint.
  3. Isyour grandmother looking at birds?
  4. The teacher is not closingthe door.
  5. They are checkingthe printers.
  6. Look! Steve’s mother is makinga Frappuccino.
  7. Areyou doing the washing-up?
  8. Are the policemen running into the bank?
  9. Are they trying to help?
  10. She is not walking to the centre of the town.



  1. Is Phil explaining the exercise?
  2. What areyou doing here?
  3. Is Phil explaining the exercise?
  4. What are you doing here?
  5. I am not sittingon the sofa.
  6. he cat is not lying on the carpet.
  7. Are they listening to radio now?
  8. The eagle is catching the mouse.
  9. Why is Ruth asking for money?
  10. The boys are not divinginto the pool


  1. The boy is writing with a pencil at the moment.
  2. At this momentthe lady is leaving the office.
  3. The teacher is talking to Stephen now.
  4. Look,the cat is drinking milk.
  5. Look, Andy is touching a snake.
  6. The girls are having fun now.
  7. Listen,it is raining.
  8. They are looking for a present at the moment.
  9. My father is making tea right now.
  10. We are watching a film now.